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Product Image Embroidered blouse Tree of Life

Embroidered blouse Tree of Life


Made in Ukraine. Made with love.

The turquoise color symbolizes freedom, growth, constant renewal and rebirth in nature. Fiery red and orange, in turn, actively protects from evil and draws the energy of harmony, creation, love. This color combination is treated as a contrast between the energy and tranquility. Embroidery in the orange-red colors with floral motifs have long been considered a talisman of love. The Tree of Life on the sleeves symbolizes the connection of the earth to the sky. In addition, according to popular notions, this symbol brings good luck and protects against all evil. Flowers on the Tree of Life symbolizes beauty and youth, and the birds - the human soul.

Technique - cross stitch
Fabric - linen

*Please send your measurements for appropriate sizing*